How to Adopt a Shelter Dog

Various dogs have different personalities, especially if the dog is a mixed breed. Shelter dogs are a wonderful choice because you will be making a difference in an animal’s life.

Shelter dogs come from all walks of life – some are strays that grew up in the streets, some come from abusive homes, and others are just unwanted dogs that are no longer considered cute after they have outgrown the puppy stage. These dogs deserve our love and each one deserves a loving home with someone whom they can call their family. Continue reading

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Why Volunteering and Donating to Your Local Dog Shelter is Important

Shelter and rescue dogs are often some of the most unfortunate animals in the world–these are the canines that have been abandoned and left behind, and the dogs that have often been abused and hurt instead of being loved and accepted as they should have been.

As someone who’s adopted two rescue dogs and one shelter dog (given to the shelter because she could no longer be taken care of by her owner/parent), I really think that more people should volunteer at shelters even if they don’t adopt any of those dogs.

I really think that it should be illegal to have pets if you are not able to keep them. Just like I think people shouldn’t be having children if they aren’t capable of keeping them.

But it is what it is–people will keep on adopting dogs and giving them as gifts. Most of all the animals left at shelters are actually pets given as gifts. So remember…never ever give pets as gifts!

Shelters don’t usually have a huge budget, so they are often understaffed and do not have much to work with when it comes to getting quality and nutritious kibble for dogs as well as all the other supplies that dogs need.

This is why volunteering and donating to your local dog shelters is very important. Why is it important? Well… here’s why.


Shelter Dogs Need Love and Attention
Beyond anything else, shelter dogs need love and attention. And when they stay in shelters it’s practically part of it that they don’t quite get as much attention as they should when they are in a proper loving home. Volunteers can go to the shelters to walk the dogs and play with them, and to really just spend time with them.

That, plus… well, the staff at the shelter really just do need the help–all the help–that they could possibly get. It’s not easy at all caring for even just three children when you are a parent…and it’s even much, much worse when you have to care for something like a hundred dogs.

Naturally I’m not comparing caring for dogs to caring for children as it’s pretty much an entirely different ball game all together, but when it comes to the demand to time and energy… Caring for hundreds of dogs full time is harder.

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Even Shelter Dogs Need To Eat Well and Healthily
Shelter dogs often have to eat food that is bought in bulk if other food is not donated. And this food which is bought in bulk is not often healthy or nutritious.

This is why donating to your local shelters whether monetarily or in bags of food is quite important. You don’t have to do it with any regularity, you can do it whenever you have an extra buck or two.

I personally try to volunteer as much of my time as I can, given that I don’t really have all that much money to give. In the end, all that matters is that you try to help in any way you can.